About Us

Jodon Incorporated is a manufacturer of custom and specialized gauging systems.

The gauging systems, principally of the non-contact variety, are used throughout the world for process and quality control purposes. The systems make use of the latest computer technology to facilitate optimum machine functionality, and to enhance the operational displays and Statistical Process Control (SPC) measurement analyses.

With business operations commencing in 1963 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, Jodon produced helium-neon lasers and specialized optical instruments.  Although Jodon no longer manufactures these laser and optical products, the knowledge gained through the many years of building precision, scientific equipment has been invaluable in our quest to produce world standard measurement systems for use in the heat exchanger industry, as well as in other manufacturing sectors.

Read about the company’s history here. Or come visit us at our plant location in Ann Arbor, Michigan.