Warranty Information

The Jodon Incorporated systems, including all mechanical, electrical, and software components), are warranted to be free of defects in materials, workmanship and against sub-specification performance, for one (1) full year following delivery. Jodon reserves the right to repair or replace defective components in the event a warranty repair becomes necessary. In the event of any defect or failure relating to a system, in or out of warranty, the extent of Jodon’s obligation or liability shall be limited to the repair or replacement of the components relating to the specific defect or failure.

If a warranty repair is necessary, Jodon will first try to solve the problem via telephone and/or email support. Please phone USA (734) 761-4044, or email a Jodon representative. If this effort does not solve the problem in a timely manner, then the defective component or components should be sent back to the Jodon plant, shipped freight pre-paid. Prior to shipment to Jodon, an RMA (Returned Material Authorization) number should be obtained from Jodon.

If the customer requires that the unit be repaired on-site, the customer must agree to pay a reasonable charge to defray the cost of travel time and travel and living expenses.

If a problem is found to result from customer abuse of, or customer-made modifications to the configuration, software, or hardware of the, all reasonable costs relating to the repair will be billed to the customer. Accordingly, the customer is urged to restrict system access to those who need to use it, and to use the system only as a dedicated instrumentation system. The use of games, word processors, and other software on the system computer should be, at the least, restricted and carefully monitored.

For non-warranty repairs, the procedure described above should be followed. Also, for non-warranty repairs at Jodon, the invoice from Jodon will include a line item for return shipment charges.