Tube Profiling System TPS-2000

The Jodon Tube Profiling System,Model TPS-2000, is designed to inspect cooling tubes produced by a tube mill. Typically, a tube mill will produce an aluminum tube for use as a liquid conduit in radiators and heaters. The cooling tubes exit the tube mill at a very high rate of speed, making an on-line measurement extremely difficult. As a consequence, the TPS-2000 is used as an off-line measuring system for precisely gauging dimensional characteristics against published tube specifications. The TPS-2000 can be used to gauge virtually any cooling tube using appropriate fixturing and programming.

The Tube Profiling System includes a highly accurate visible laser emitter, and an integral reflected light collector and imaging array. The laser emitter and imaging array combination is called a precision distance measuring transducer (DMT). The laser DMT is rigidly mounted within the TPS-2000 protective enclosure in such a manner as to prevent laser light from exiting the enclosure.

The sample holding fixture is essentially a precision mechanical linear stage with clamping jaws which operate in opposition to each other. A tensioning spring causes the jaws of the sample clamp to close towards each other when the “finger pull” is released. To insert a sample, the “finger pull” is drawn towards the operator until the clamp opening is large enough to receive the intended sample. Releasing the “finger pull” after the sample is installed causes the “jaws” to close gently on the tube.

The sample holding fixture rests atop a precision rotary stage which turns at a rate of approximately 12-degrees/second. Approximately 16 discrete stage positions are used during the scanning of a sample.